Established in 2007, Guardian Property Management is one of the most trusted property management companies in the Gig Harbor and  greater Pierce and Kitsap county areas.  For us, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction.

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you holding an annual membership meeting each year according to the requirements of your governing documents? 
  • Does your Association have sufficient liability insurance including Directors and Officers coverage for your board members?
  • Are you conducting annual reserve studies as required by law?
  • Are you renewing your Association’s Non-profit Corporation status as required?
  • Are your Association’s governing documents currently in accordance with the HOA Act?
  • Do you frequently reference the HOA Act and the Non-Profit Corporation Act?
  • Have you prepared an annual budget and was it mailed to all community members for review and ratification?
  • Is your Association filing annual tax returns and are 1099’s being calculated and reported by January 31st of each year?

If you answered "No" to many of the above questions, or  answered "I don't know," perhaps it's time to seek professional help managing your Association.  If wading through the myriad of legalities and practicalities of Association Management is completely overwhelming for you, contact us to discuss your challenges and discover how we can help ease, if not eliminate, the diffculties you now face.


Guardian Property Management maintains professionalism, high standards of performance and up to the minute information and networking updates.  We give each property individualized attention during every phase of management.

We provide excellence in service by prioritizing:

  • Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local HOA laws.
  • Detailed records and accounting reports.
  • Professional relationship with property owners.
  • Efficient Dues collections.
  • Management Services

Just a few of our services in Association Management inclue:

  • Billing and Collection of Homeowner Dues.
  • Issuing late notices and facilitate filing liens for unpaid dues.
  • Process and pay Association bills.
  • Maintain and reconcile Association bank accounts.
  • Provide the board with monthly financial statements.
  • Prepare annual budget.
  • Send out notices and attend annual Homeowners Meetings.
  • Attend Association Board Meetings.
  • Assist Board with Enforcement of CC&R's.
  • Regular inspections of the property.
  • Arrange and supervise maintenance work.

Our goal at Guardian Property Management is to provide excellent service and to devote the time necessary to understand the unique needs of each of our clients.

We would be pleased to evaluate your properties and let you know  how you can benefit from our exceptional service at absolutely no obligation.  Call us today for free consultation or please contact us for a free management proposal.